Product & UX Design

product needs to bridge the real world with the digital

Product & UX?

In the world of tech, substantial work amounts for nothing without innovation and listening to users, bound to lose to the competitors.
Even for enhancing the existing product, you need to make sure if this is clearly what your users need. Also, keep in mind that your product needs to bridge the gap between the real world and the digital world.


Research time & budget

Knowing your user needs requires doing some user research, and this can be a big part of your time and money cost in developing a product.

Which problem?

Problems are always there, but you need to be fast and accurate enough to know which to solve the first. Knowing that can be one of your most significant competitive advantages and can decrease the risks of “feature overload” or “feature creep”. 

Solve no one’s needs

 There are a lot of products in the market which has beautiful UIs and lots of features and feasibilities. Still, nobody uses them since they are not based on the exact user’s needs, or there are other similar products with less complexity and better user experience.

A single point of contact

Communication is one of the most critical issues in the software development environment; having a single contact goes a long way to avoid miscommunication.

We focus on user experience . . .

Agileful, with its human-centered design methodology, can help you to define and generate ideas to create brand new products and deliver a new revenue stream to your business. We also help you through audit and redesign existing solutions by using our established Agile methodology.

We help you to know your users better and deliver end-to-end software products, from prototyping to design, development and post-launch support and maintenance. We focus on user experience across digital channels. We build use cases by defining the individual requirements which leads to create smart, intuitive, user-centric designs to help our clients solve their hardest problems.

Product Development Life Cycle



Analysis and Scoping

This step includes  Analysing you , your customer  by collecting requirements that we gather form usability tests, Building user personas, Running a user interview , your competitors and the market In this phase we help you to define a new idea or brand new product or how you improve the existing product And assign some objectives to the product



Ideating and Testing

- Designing product prototypes and running experiments. 
- Running workshops with all stakeholders and their requirements.
- Test those prototypes with end users  Creating an MVP - exploring the brand identity and defining the user flows of your product and identifying the potential bottlenecks. 
-Define a best solution architecture and technology stack.



 Launching and Measuring

In this phase we conceptualize the solution by preparing a prototype of the product and define success metrics to measure the results.For the implementation phase we use our project management skills to define detailed development tasks and make an estimation on their implementation timeline and the budget .

Contact Person in Europe

A single point of contact for communication with stakeholders and the team. We are always there for you for personal and face to face meetings, calls and online meetings.

Visual Spec

A visual spec that you can understand: Getting your feedback by giving you a visual specification with screen layouts and notes, not technical jargon.

Continuous Partnership

We are offering product support and enhancement at all levels, also after the product’s released. 80% of our clients have been staid with us for over one year.

Focused on Business

Determining how to make a current product more efficient and  create real value for your business.