agileful Incubator/ACCELERATOR


What is the
Acceleration Program?

At the agileful Accelerator expect to get your first technically sound MVP and critical but constructive business assessment.
We bring technical know-how together with business sanity to deliver an MVP and the story to be investor ready.
We develop your MVP based on your vision. But we do not just develop, because the fundament of the MPV should match with your business model, vision and revenue model.
Besides being your technical developer, we are also your business coach. We help you with developing a sound, consistent investor pitch deck, find other financial sources to growth your business and with the fine tuning of your business model and financial plan.


One startup every month

- Gathering and discussing startup ideas.
- Select only one startup every month.

MVP scopes and costs

- Consulting meetings to figure out MVP scopes
- Getting  quotes from neutral agencies
- Come up with the average development costs.

Equity / Convertible Loan

- Decide about Agileful participation up to 50%.
- Valuate startup.
- Sign development and Equity / Convertible Loan contract.


- You will pay only 50% of the cost.
- The other 50% will convert to equity shares.
- You pay as it goes and delivers

Product & Tech consultancy

- free consultancy at anytime of the project.
- Scalable tech architecture design
- Free investor meetings or calls


- You can force Agileful to exit after seed funding.
- Agileful is open to stay as partner long-term.
- You can agree to buy Agileful shares.

Not able to invest the 50%?
Award Winning Events

We have time to time award winning pitching and other events and competitions which you can get 100% covered by us.

Angel Investors

The angel investors inside our network invest the 50% of MVP development for the same equity for selected startups.

Government and Private Funds

We help selected startups to get access to government or private institution funds to cover the MVP building costs.


4-6 months
80K - 120K


2-4 months


2-4 months

focus on Business

While we are building the product you can focus 100% on growing the business and raising money.
  • 2000 hours
    Tech & Code
  • 800 hours
    product Management
100 hours

Simply in three steps


Talk about your startup

First let's talk about your startup and idea, our team and how we work. And let's know each other better.


Figure out the numbers

We calculate all the numbers from development cost to company valuation and equity plan.


Start the cooperation

At the end we start the development immediately with a dedicated team working on your project specifically.